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In its 2010 Report to the President and Congress, the National Commission on Children and Disasters drew attention to the limited availability and inaccessibility of resources for pediatric disaster preparedness. To help address this shortfall, the EMS for Children Program developed "PEDPrepared" as an information network of resources targeting health providers, emergency and community planners, and families. Its primary purpose is to help communities achieve an optimal level of emergency readiness for children who are involved in an environmental, health, or man-made disaster.

Know of a resource that should be added to this Clearinghouse? Submit your suggestion (including resource title and link) to the EMSC National Resource Center.

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To help you understand the various terms used within this Clearinghouse, the following documents are provided:

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To search the "PEDPrepared" Clearinghouse, select the category above that best represents you. The Clearinghouse provides each target audience with two search choices: Resources by Disaster Type (e.g., Bioterrorism, Chemical Emergencies, Earthquakes, Floods) and Resources by Disaster Topic (e.g., Disaster Plan Development Tools, Equipment Lists, Evacuations, Legal/Ethical Issues, Mental Health).